Workerist began as a response to the crisis currently facing labor and workers with the simple premise that workers need not stand alone. Issues that affect workers should be of concern to all Americans. With that in mind, Workerist is a website that will harmonize, bring attention, and provide easy access to the locales of resistance and solidarity springing up across the country. Workerist will provide the following features with the goals of increasing awareness and unity to those within and out of the labor movement:

Solidarity Map. This map will feature a bird’s eye view of workers’ actions, demonstrations, and marches going on across the country. Visitors to the site will first pass through the Solidarity Map, which will show a picture of the entire country, and then their community. For each job action (strike, lockout, organizing effort, march, etc.), the map will provide specifics on the issues at hand, how many workers are affected, and how people can help and show support. Additionally, it will provide information on how to engage in a solidarity boycott of the products in the stream of commerce, and how to report it to the Workerist in order for employers and their partners to see how much it costs them to treat workers poorly. This secondary boycott feature has been illegal for unions to engage in since the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act, but as an independent organization, Workerist is free to promote such boycotts.

To the best of our knowledge, no such map or interface exists, and even as we write this, we find that so hard to believe. We hope that it can be a valuable resource to connect, inform and unify unions, work centers, alt-labor and indeed the workers themselves, providing them a detailed snapshot of worker’s successes and struggles through and across time.

Designing the Worker Action. We believe that good design can go a long way, and can ultimately make the difference between success and failure. To this end, we are dedicated to contributing thoughtful design to the cause of workers everywhere. Working in conjunction with union printers, we hope to freshen up the look of labor (with posters, buttons, wearables, etc.) and arm workers with a message that is at once local, yet works in conjunction with those fighting for fairness in other sites across the country.

Features. Workerist will contain a number of in-depth reporting and opinion pieces each month on issues that affect workers. They will come in the form of written pieces, podcasts, and video features, all with the goal of understanding work in the modern day.

In order to make Workerist a success, we need union involvement.
In particular, we are seeking a commitment that you will provide us timely information about worker actions for inclusion in the Solidarity Map. Though much of this information is publicly available, it will be timelier, more accurate, and more comprehensive if unions provide it directly. If there is an action, a strike, a lockout, a march (no matter how minor), we want to know about it! This way we can make sure that others know about it and support it.

Upon receiving your commitment of timely information, we will send you an easy-to-use electronic form that will streamline the process.

In Solidarity,
The Workerist Team

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